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For those seeking employment through RGC Staffing Solutions, our service is free.  You work for the employer directly on a full time, permanent basis. If you work within the Diesel Machinery, Construction, or High Voltage Power Industries, we are an excellent resource for permanent employment throughout your career.

RGC is contracted by some of Canada’s top employers to find qualified staff for their vacancies. Over the years, we have built relationships with thousands of individuals in the High Voltage sector, as well as with Equipment, Coach, and Truck mechanics. We always go to this group of people first with our Client’s new job requirements. If you’d like to be part of our exclusive group, you can do so by clicking here!

Our Recruitment Specialists will reach out to go over the requirements of the role. You’ll work with them throughout the entire interview and hiring process. They will make sure the Hiring Manager has your resume on top of the pile, and prepare you for your interview. Best of all, they’ll help negotiate the best offer!

We do offer referral bonuses! Send us the name and contact info for someone in the industry who may benefit from our service. If we don’t know about them already, and they successfully gain employment with our Client, we’ll send you $500 for your help!